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AKCG - Public Relations Counselors is a no-fluff, market-driven, results-oriented, detail-minded public relations firm with expertise in crisis planning, crisis management, media training & media relations. Located in the greater Philadelphia area. AKCG serves organizations across the nation.

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Partners in Thought Leadership

Flashy coverage is fun, but results that propel your business goals are better. While many agencies are trying to be everything for everyone, our firm intentionally remains focused on our proven public-relations approach.  Our no-fluff, market-driven and detailed-minded methods will drive your bottom line.


AKCG works with you to define - or refine - your distinct place within your industry.  From there, we build a program to amplify your position among your most important audiences.  When you want your organization better defined, better positioned or better differentiated, a thought-leadership program may be the key.

The Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association tapped AKCG to develop a multi-year strategic plan to promote milk and dairy products – focused on typically dairy-averse populations – across multiple states.  Driven by research, the plan was designed to confront misconceptions, and to promote the role of the MDA’s members – its dairy farmers – in promoting good health.

Senior living provider Wesley Enhanced Living and AKCG teamed up to promote a campaign called “WEL Wishes,” offering senior residents memorable, unexpected and media-friendly experiences, from skydiving and go-carts to singing opera and becoming a firefighter for the day.  The program has secured media attention, driven new resident inquiries, and positioned WEL as a thought leader across the region.

Philadelphia non-profit, Ralston Center, partnered with AKCG to successfully launch a robust public service initiative, driven by primary research, to enable older adults to thrive in their communities. The initiative engaged dozens of community-partner organizations, elected officials, other supporters and many of the seniors the initiative aims to help, and expanded Ralston’s profile in the crowded landscape of community-service organizations.