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AKCG - Public Relations Counselors is a no-fluff, market-driven, results-oriented, detail-minded public relations firm with expertise in crisis planning, crisis management, media training & media relations. Located in the greater Philadelphia area. AKCG serves organizations across the nation.

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AKCG Intern Blog

May 3, 2019

AKCG welcomes interns each semester to gain hands-on public relations experience. Our interns work directly to support the AKCG team and our clients in proactive media relations efforts. Take a look at what some of our recent interns had to say about their experience with us.

Name: Sarah Jablonowski

School: Rowan University

Year in School: Senior


Three words to describe your internship experience:

  • Valuable

  • Exciting

  • Inspiring


How did you find out about AKCG?

I discovered the AKCG internship through my advisor at Rowan University and previous AKCG interns who encouraged me to apply.


Describe your internship experience at AKCG.

When I first started interning at AKCG, I had no idea what to expect. This was my first internship at a public relations agency, and I was intimidated. But, the second I stepped foot through the doors on my first day, I immediately felt part of the team.


When I began my internship, I did not feel like a strong enough writer. Although there is always room for improvement, I now feel more confident with my writing because the team pushed me to think differently and challenge myself.


I had the opportunity to work with every team member for several different clients. I was entrusted with tracking community calendar listings and drafting press releases, articles and social media posts. I never expected to learn so much in only a few months. AKCG has prepared me to confidently enter the public relations world after graduation.


What information/experience did you find most rewarding during your time at AKCG?

The most rewarding part of this internship was being treated as an AKCG team member — not just an intern. It was encouraging to be able to join team meetings and be given important tasks. It allowed me to experience and learn about all the different aspects of a public relations agency.


Where do you hope to end up in the future?

In the near future, I hope to start my career in New York City or Philadelphia. It would be ideal to secure a job in an agency setting. I also plan on continuing my education and receiving my MBA.


What advice would you give to future AKCG interns?

Take the extra time to ask questions. If you don’t understand a task given to you, asking questions will give you a better understanding and allow you to complete it correctly. Everyone is willing to help and wants you to succeed.


Thank you to the entire AKCG team who made every day enjoyable.

Name: Zachary Raczka

School: La Salle University

Year in School: Senior


Three words to describe your internship experience:

  • Engaging

  • Challenging

  • Comprehensive


How did you find out about AKCG?

Brother Gerry Molyneaux, internship coordinator and professor in La Salle University’s communication department, sent an email to all public relations students about the internship opportunity with AKCG. I didn’t know much about AKCG except for hearing the name at PRSSA and PPRA events. I had recently completed an internship at a public relations firm in Philadelphia, and I was looking for one more internship experience before graduating in May. I applied in December and got the internship.


Describe your internship experience at AKCG.

At AKCG, I immediately felt like part of the team. The internship gave me a better understanding of how a public relations agency operates. I participated in weekly meetings and sat in on client phone calls about proactive communication efforts and crisis situations.


During the internship, I learned we can always improve our writing skills. I drafted numerous news releases and media pitches and, no matter how confident I was in my writing, the AKCG team always provided helpful edits and feedback. The rigorous editing process at AKCG also taught me how public relations writing can be team-oriented. Even the best PR professionals make mistakes and benefit from constructive criticism from their peers.


The importance of relationship building in public relations became clear to me at AKCG. This internship provided me with my first experience of learning how agencies and clients interact. I felt comfortable asking any question, and the team encouraged me to learn more about topics or projects I found interesting.


What information/experience did you find most rewarding during your time at AKCG?

I loved drafting articles about different healthcare topics and trends. It was fascinating to see the entire AKCG writing process, from developing topic ideas to pitching the finished article to local publications. It was especially rewarding seeing a pitch I helped write become a news story or reading an article I wrote in the newspaper.


Where do you hope to end up in the future?

I want to work in public relations or marketing in the Philadelphia area. I have enjoyed both my in-house and agency public relations internships, and I would be open to a career on either path. After being involved in volunteer programs and service trips at La Salle University, working in public advocacy or nonprofit public relations also appeals to me.


What advice would you give to future AKCG interns?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. AKCG interns have opportunities to draft news releases, curate social media content and learn about crisis communications. Be creative and willing to listen to feedback and criticism. Learn from the experienced AKCG team members, and keep in touch with them once your internship comes to an end.



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